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AGON FROZEN-ASH (fotocrómaticas)


Lentes: Photochromic Multilaser Clear


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Disponemos de todo tipo de cristales de repuesto, fotocromáticos, transparentes, multilaser y todos los accesorios.


The design of Agon™ is inspired by the philosophy of "Form Follows Function", offering sports enthusiasts products that are highly functional and technological and have an unbeatable style. Agon adopts the most highly-advanced ergonomic solutions to ensure exceptional stability and comfort while practicing sport.

The adjustable temple tips secure the glasses to the face, so that they do not move during energetic movements. The latest-generation ErgoIV adjustable nose piece makes it possible to find the perfect fit on the athlete's nose, increasing the sense of comfort and regulating the lens ventilation.
The Agon™ temples are made from Kynetium, an aluminum alloy used in aerospace applications which combines Magnesium, Silicon and Titanium, thereby ensuring a sophisticated mixture of lightness (Mg), strength (Ti) and flexibility (Si).
The fame is made from Grilamid®, a top-quality thermoplastic material that is impact-resistant, light and allergy-proof, used by Rudy Project because of its stability, flexibility and resistance over time.

- See more at: http://www.rudyproject.es/products/glasses/agon/yellow-fluo-gloss/photochromic-clear.html?s=1#sthash.cKu7MdQY.dpuf

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